David (d2david90) wrote in debate_this,

New to debate

Hi, my name is David and I am new to this community. I would like to debate...


I would like to debate the current state of Government interference with economics.

I am aware that it is the position of most people that the government should enforce regulations on businesses, such as labor laws, order security changes (such as at Airports) and regulate competition.

My stance is for Laissez-Faire Capitalism, seperation of Economics and State. No government interference whatsoever.

You may ask,"Why?" to which I promptly and proudly answer:

I advocate freedom. I believe that human rights are objective and crucial to the development of a stable economy. I believe that freedom should not be handed out in degrees, from the poor to the rich, or vice versa, simply because freedom is an absolute and should not be earned, but preserved for ALL human beings.

I believe the government has no more right to tell a banker or business owner how to run his business or how much to pay his employees or how many security gaurds to have running around, then it has to tell parents how to raise their children or cook their food.



I am open to any counter arguments, however I will only debate under the guidelines as follows.

1. Anyone asserting a positive claim (i.e- "you're idea wouldn't work", must provide a logical reason and, if need be, substantial proof")

2. No one will be biassed against me for my view points. I accept renunciations that are rational and logical, but not terms like "you're stupid".

I will respect my own guidelines as I expect to debate with people who respect them as well. Good night and happy debate.

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