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In Bush 2's first term Senatorial democrats were able to block a handful of judicial nominees that they considered to be extremely radical using filibusters. Republicans cried foul. They complained that filibusters have never been used to block judicial nominees in the history of the country. But the Republicans tried to filibuster a Clinton nominee, though they were unsuccessful. Also, Republicans have historically used other parliamentary tactics like using control of committees to keep nominees from getting an up or down vote on the Senate floor. Now Republicans are exploring the option of taking away the Democrat's right to filibuster in order to ram their nominees through.

Would the Republicans be justified to take this step to alter the rules of the Senate?
If they do, would the Democrats be justified in using all of the techniques at their disposal to shut down the Senate, or at least to slow it down?
If these steps are taken will they have an effect on the mid term elections?

I say yes, yes, and no.
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