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Investing Our Taxes?

Anybody got any opinions on the Bush plan to allow people to invest a portion of their federal income taxes in stock in order to have a retirement fund? I am coming to the opinion that, if this is meant to replace social security, that it is not a very practical solution. Social security was designed to help the poor, while this program appears targeted to help the rich and highly educated. After all, if the amount of money you invest is a certain percentage of your taxes, the people who will get to invest the most are the people paying more income taxes...the rich.

Secondly, those folk didn't reach the upper-classes by accident. They had the education and business knowledge to know how to use their money effectively and where to invest (or their parents did). So, they have the know-how needed to take advantage of a system which offers them more money to invest with. Investing is a risky business. You have to be familiar with the ratings of particular businesses, and how to diversify. How are blue-collar workers going to know where to invest smartly, without screwing themselves over and losing the money they need for retirement?

And really, which is the lesser of two evils? A social security program which could run out when the baby boomers need it (not to mention later generations), or a program where one's nest egg depends upon using taxes in the ever-fluctuating stock market in an economy where many people (esp. the lower to middle classes) don't know how to invest?

It seems to me like the people who have the knowledge to take advantage of this program could benefit greatly from it, espeically if they are already wealthy. But the people who really need help with funding their old age, and their families, won't have the knowledge to take advantage of it, plus they won't any longer have social security. So, you potentially have a greater number of poor people either working all the way through old age, to the end of their life, or you increase the poverty level in America.

That's my take on the info I've learned so far, but if I am misunderstanding something here, or have misinterpreted something, feel free to correct me. I really want to figure out whether or not this program will benefit America as a whole.
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